Here at Dog’s Day Out we believe the beginning stages of a dog’s life are extremely important and if you’re lucky enough to be able to have your dog at a young age, we are excited to be able to help you start him off right!

Early socialization and learning is imperative for puppies. In fact, this needs to happen BEFORE your puppy is 16 weeks old (ideally before 14 weeks!). If you wait until your puppy has “finished his shots” you are too late.  Preventing potential problems is much easier that correcting problems later!

PLEASE READ the following links on the importance of early puppy socialization as well as the position statement from the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) on early socialization for puppies. Also, see What is Socialization and ways to safely do it.

Puppy 101- What To Do With My New Puppy!

We offer a variety of Ballard and Burien puppy training classes and programs designed specifically for young dogs

All current options for puppies 2 to 5 months old include:

1. Puppy Pounce Virtual for humans with puppies 2-5 months old. With current covid restrictions Puppy Pounce Virtual is the only offering for the human education side and we know the humans need training too (especially new puppy guardians!). We have found this vehicle for Puppy Pounce to be very effective. The live online class consists of lecture, live demos and then students practicing with their puppies with the instructor watching and coaching in real time. Bonus: you do not need to be in Seattle to take this class! Some folks even prefer to take this class without their pup present or before the pup comes home – all good!

This puppy training course will cover age specific issues such as management, house training, socialization/desensitization to sights, sounds & handling, mouthing/nipping, and recognizing normal and abnormal behaviors.  We will also start introductory work on basic cues including: focus, stationing on a mat, sit, down, come and loose leash walking. We will also discuss what to expect in different stages of canine development. This class is the human education portion of all of our puppy programs. INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA

2. Play & Train (for pups 8-18 weeks old) Ballard sessions will take place in our yard, Burien are inside. All sessions are limited to 6 puppies. For a fully rounded experience with human education, Play & Train is meant to be taken alongside Virtual Puppy Pounce.   Priority scheduling for those also registered for Puppy Pounce. Once registered you will receive an email to schedule your puppy’s  specific dates. First available date in Ballard currently is 9/14/21.  1st available Wednesday in Burien is 9/29/21, 1st available Sunday session is 10/10/21. Ballard and Burien classes may not be combined. Burien classes (Wednesdays and Sundays MAY be combined).

Registration links to the right are each month but you can START BEFORE THAT MONTH if space is available!

These are 45-minute play sessions for puppies 8-18 weeksPup must have had their initial Distemper/Parvo vaccine no less than 10 days prior to session. Looking for a bit more socialization time for your pup? You can jump into this group anytime! In this rolling-start play group you can socialize your puppy in a safe and monitored environment and get a few training tips as well. Each week a trainer will be on hand to answer any questions on puppy specific management topics or teach new skills based on needs of the participants while interspersing short periods of monitored play. Puppies will not be running around playing the entire time! Don’t let your pup miss out on learning crucial socialization, play and bite inhibition skills from his fellow pups. We highly recommend these sessions are taken in conjunction with Puppy Pounce as they are not as comprehensive in education and training concepts.

You can register for 6 sessions for $175 online (paid 1st week and used before pup is 18 weeks old). See listings for online registration at right – register for any upcoming date listed and start sooner!

All sessions must be completed by the time your pup is 18 weeks of age.  “No shows” for registered dates will count towards your total and be charged. No refunds for missed dates.

3. Drop-Off Puppy Training CampBURIEN ONLY! Puppy Training Camp is comprehensive structured program with a set curriculum. This is a training program developed specifically for puppies in this critical and sensitive period of behavioral development.

Puppy Training Camp is NOT a substitute for training with the human guardian! It is highly recommended that PTC is taken along with Puppy Pounce or Private Training sessions so the human knows what the pup is learning at camp and can continue that training at home.

The Details:

  • For puppies 8-18 weeks old
  • Monday through Thursday (4 hours, 4 days/week)
  • Drop off between 8:30am-9:00am
  • Pick up between 12:00pm-12:30pm
  • One week (4 days): $350
  • All sessions are limited to 6 puppies with two certified trainers present.
  • DDO Burien Training Center only

Topics and Skills Covered:

  • Structured and monitored play with other puppies to facilitate learning critical bite inhibition and socialization skills
  • Crate training (for house training, settling and separation training)
  • Exposure and conditioning to a variety of sights, sounds and objects
  • Reinforcing desired behaviors – not jumping, mouthing/nipping
  • Handling exercises including touch/petting and grooming
  • Introduction to clicker training
  • Basic Cues including: Focus, Sit, Down and Drop

4. Private Lessons. We also offer virtual private sessions if you need specific, immediate help. Email: with any questions.

Restrictions: To ensure a safe and healthy environment, puppies who attend non-puppy specific day cares or dog parks are NOT allowed in the Puppy Training Camp Program or Puppy Play & Train.


Please check our Ballard dog training schedule or Burien dog training schedule for current listings and locations.

How much are the classes? Please see our rates and services page for class, daycare and seminar costs.

How do I sign up? Click the class you want on the right side of this page or, or more information, please contact us by phone 206-706-4875 or email at