Classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted. 

*If a class is listed as FULL please feel free to email info@dogsdayoutseattle.com to be put on the wait list. Also, if demand is great, we can often add a class to schedule. So, if you are interested let us know!

Most portions of the Ballard classes are held outside.

This class is offered as a 1 hour, 40 minute recording that take you through 4 weeks of age-appropriate management and training. Email: Info@dogsdayoutseattle.com to purchase ($49.95)

PUPPY PLAY & TRAIN <– Click to register!
For puppies 8-18 weeks old. The registration may say a date further out but you can start any date prior to the date on the registration. Your 6 weeks must be completed by time pup is 18 wks old. Registration for Play & Train includes the 1 hour, 40 minute recorded Puppy Parenting Course. 
SUNDAYS 3:00pm-3:45pm – BURIEN

DROP-OFF PUPPY TRAINING CAMP (Burien only) <– Click to registration page!
Registration is by the week (4 days over 2 weeks) Monday & Wednesday 8:30am – 12:15pm
*See Dates & Registration on the PUPPY & TEEN PROGRAMS page

TEENS PLAY GROUPS & TEENS CAMP <–Click to register!
2 hour playgroups select Sundays in Burien & Saturdays in Ballard
4 day Teen Camp – Burien only
*See Dates & Registration on the PUPPY & TEEN PROGRAMS page

THE BASICS <– Click to register! 1st week is virtual (no dogs)
TUESDAYS                    6:30pm              Apr 30 – June 11 (skip 5/14)  – BURIEN  Instructor Cyn Howell FULL
SATURDAYS                10:30am            May 11 – June 22 (skip 6/1) – BALLARD Instructor Danette Johnston
TUESDAYS                    6:30pm              June 18 – July 30 (skip 7/9) – BURIEN Instructor Cyn Howell

TEENS & TWEENS JUMPSTART – 3 WEEKS + webinar<– Click to register
SATURDAYS 10:45am Apr 20 – May 4 – BALLARD Instructor Danette Johnston FULL
THURSDAYS 4:00pm May 23 – June 6 – BURIEN Instructor Danette Johnston

BEYOND BASICS/TRICKS!<– Click to register!
TUESDAYS 5:00pm Apr 23 – May 21 – BURIEN Instructor Danette Johnston

TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS (4 weeks, 75 minutes) <– Click to register!
WEDNESDAYS 4:00pm May 8 – May 29 – BURIEN Instructors Danette Johnston & Sugako Sasaki

REACTIVE REDO  <– Click to register!  1st week (no dogs) virtual.  In Ballard, remaining weeks held partially outdoors in our private yard. Classes run 60-75 minutes each week. Instructor Danette Johnston
SATURDAYS                    9:00am             Apr 20 – May 25 – BALLARD FULL
THURSDAYS                   5:15pm             Apr 18 – May 23 – BURIEN FULL
SATURDAYS                    12:00pm          Apr 20 – May 25 – BALLARD FULL
SATURDAYS                    9:00am             June 8 – July 13 – BALLARD
TUESDAYS                        3:30pm             May 7 – June 11 – BURIEN
TUESDAYS                        5:00pm             June 11 – July 16 – BURIEN

REACTIVE REDO LEVEL 2 <– Click to Register!
THURSDAYS         4:00pm              April 25 – May 16- BURIEN

*If a class is full or doesn’t fit into your schedule, private lessons are also available virtually and in limited areas.  Also, check out the Reactive ReDo Webinar below to get you started immediately.  You may also email: Danette@dogsdayoutseattle.com to get on the wait list for scheduled FULL classes. 

REACTIVE REDO LIVE WEBINAR <– Click to register!
Next Live presentation – TBD
To purchase the pre-recorded webinar for purchase $25 email: Danette@dogsdayoutseattle.com. We will then send you an invoice and once payment is made, you will receive a link to the previously recorded webinar.

TRAINING GAMES FOR FOCUS & FUN! (previously Control Unleashed – 5 weeks, 50 min) <– Click to register
MONDAY 6:00pm June 3 – July 1 – BURIEN  Instructor Sugako Sasaki
MONDAY 6:00pm July 29 – Aug 26 – BURIEN Instructor Sugako Sasaki

TRICKS! (4 weeks, 55 minutes)  Levels 1 &2! <– Click to register!
See *new class format* for: BEYOND BASICS + TRICKS!

CANINE GOOD CITIZEN (5 weeks) <–Click to register
SATURDAYS 10:00am May 11 – June 15 (skip 6/ 1) Instructor Sugako Sasaki

K9 NOSEWORK LEVELS <– Click to register!
NOSEWORK (5 weeks) All Nosework classes are held in  BURIEN:

All Levels: Fridays 4:30pm  May 3 – May 31 (Instructor Annie Michelson)  FULL
All Levels: Fridays 5:45pm May 3 – May 31 (Instructor Annie Michelson) FULL
All Levels: Fridays 7:00pm  May 3 – May 31 (Instructor Annie Michelson) FULL
All Levels: Wednesdays 5:30pm May 29 – June 26 (Instructor Annie Michelson)
All Levels: Wednesdays 6:45pm May 29 – June 26 (Instructor Annie Michelson)
NOTE: When your dog is not searching he must be able to be kept in your car. 

FUN-GILITY! (BURIEN ONLY)<Click to register! 
SUNDAYS 4:10pm (LEVEL 1) June 2 – June 30 – Instructor Keiko Swanberg FULL
SUNDAYS 5:10pm (LEVEL 1)June 2 – June 30 – Instructor Keiko Swanberg
SUNDAYS 4:10pm (LEVEL 1) July 28 – Aug 25 – Instructor Keiko Swanberg
SUNDAYS 5:10pm (LEVEL 2) July 28 – Aug 25 – Instructor Keiko Swanberg

SUMMER KIDS’ CAMP!  <– Click to register
(1 hour for 5 consecutive days, for kids 9-14 years old and their dogs over 6 months)
Monday through Friday June 24 – June 28th 1:00pm – 2:00pm

CANINE COOPERATIVE CARE FOR GROOMING & HANDLING(6 weeks, 50 min)<– Click to register

ALL VIRTUAL (LIVE) BASICS (same curriculum) Great for shy or reactive dogs who may not do well in a group environment currently or for folks who live elsewhere!
TBD – Email: Infor@dogsdayoutseattle.com if interested!

NAIL CARE – MINI COURSE (3 weeks, 50 minutes)



LEASH WALKING/RECALL – 90 minute $95

DOGA – 1 hour $30


TRICKS & GAMES SAMPLER – 2 hours $125

ENRICHMENT FOR ALL DOGS! (2 hour workshop)

December 2023!

Prerecorded Webinars for titles below are available for purchase ($25).  
Email Danette@dogsdayoutseattle.com

REACTIVE REDO WEBINAR <– Click to register!
Next live session TBD – previously recorded session available for purchase for $25

BARKS & BABES –  $30
Next live session TBD – previously recorded session available for purchase for $25

Next live session TBD – previously recorded session available for purchase for $25

BE A TREE – call or email to schedule at your child’s school, troop or group!

Please include your email address in your registration so we can send you confirmation and instructions prior to class.

*Our “kids in class” policy*
We believe it is important for the whole family to be involved in your dog’s training and highly encourage children to attend classes. We require an adult present with any child under 18 and we require an adult dog handler with any child under 10. In order to maintain focus on the dog, children under 6 must be accompanied by 2 adults so that one adult can concentrate on dog handling and the other on the child handlingJ. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Refund & Cancellation Policy
Cancellation must be given 10 days (14 days for Reactive ReDo) in advance from the first day of class for a full refund or credit. A minimum $20 service charge will be applied to all refunds made at any time after registration. No refunds or credits given within 10 days (14 for Reactive ReDo)  of the 1st day of class.