Our training philosophy is focused on science-based, positive reinforcement instruction. We offer clients several different ways to work with their dogs — all of which involve a gentle, kind and fair technique that fosters the human-animal bond. We encourage students to use a  “marker” of some kind, either a clicker or verbal marker but what is most important is to find  a humane method that works for both the dog and human. We do not use punishment, coercion or  leash “corrections” and proud and electronic collars are not used with our training methods. It is important to us to help our clients understand how their dog thinks and learns so they can have a conflict free, mutually beneficial relationship.

All of our group training classes are limited in size so you are guaranteed individual attention. We also offer private dog training sessions for those who need a flexible schedule and one-on-one time with a trainer. All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

We offer training at both our Burien and Ballard locations. See schedules for class dates and times.

THE BASICS: Our core 6-week basic training class for non-reactive dogs 5 months and older. The first week is lecture only, no dogs and currently held virtually. The remaining 5 weeks will be held entirely outside at our Ballard location during covid19 restriction and inside at our Burien location.

The Basics uses reward based, positive reinforcement only; no leash “corrections” are used. This class covers canine thought and communication, management as well as ways to curb irritating habits such as jumping up, counter-surfing, begging and pulling on-leash. You will learn how to teach you dog practical cues such as attention, sit, down, wait, come, touch, leave-it and go to your mat/place. You will also learn good ways to fulfill your dogs needs, the best ways to play with your dog and what behaviors to look for when your dog is playing with other dogs. Learn how, by using positive reinforcement, you can prevent undesirable behaviors and gain desirable ones.  First week is virtual. INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, CFFP, FDM and Cyn Howell, CPDT-KA, CSS, FDM

NOW OFFERING ALL VIRTUAL BASICS! 6-week basic training course for dogs 4 months and older.
ALL VIRTUAL Basics class! This class covers the entire in-person Basics curriculum. The virtual version will consist of lecture, demos, video supplementation and live training times where you will be working with your dog as the instructor coaches you live. INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA

This class is perfect for:

  • Shy dogs or those who may be nervous in new environments
  • Reactive in a group class but you still really want to work on basic skills.
  • Folks who don’t live in Seattle but want to join our classes.
  • Those stuck between classes (pups can take this Basics at 4 months) or all in-person classes are full but you want to get started!

BEYOND THE BASICS/Canine Good Citizen Prep: 5 week course for graduates of The Basics 1 year and older.

While playing training games and exercises, this class continues our work from The Basics incorporating distractions, proofing and chaining behaviors.  We also learn beginner tricks and cooperative care “tricks” (handling for toenail trims, grooming, medicating) . This class is NOT primarily focused on CGC testing but we will practice the skills needed for passing the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test and testing is offered on the last day of class for students who want to take it.    Prerequisite: The Basics at DDO or prior instructor approval. If you have taken a basics course at another facility, video evaluation is required ($20). Th video must show your dog’s skill level of the following cues we cover in The Basics: Using a clicker/marker (your proficiency), sit, down, wait/stay (short distance), go to mat, leave it, polite greeting/go say hi, recall (short distance).  Email Danette@dogsdayoutseattle.com to arrange video submission.INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, Certified CGC  and Trick Evaluator.


TEENS & TWEENS WORKSHOP: 2 hour class for dogs 4-24 months old.

Is your teenager driving you crazy? In this 2-hour workshop we will help you understand what is going on in that teenage brain, how best to communicate with your pup, and how to create an enthusiastic learner for the rest of her life. We will cover typical teenage issues such as jumping up, mouthing, overeager greetings,  and stealing things! We will also work on relaxation exercises and discuss age-appropriate management and enrichment.  Adolescence can be rough – learn to work with your teen to get you both through this sometimes trying time. 4 dog limit.

LEASH WALKING/RECALL WORKSHOP: 2 – hour class for dogs + humans. Dogs must be 4 months and older.

In this 2 – hour class we will tackle two of the biggest issues people have with their dog – walking on a loose leash and getting their dog to come! We will discuss, demo and practice easy loose leash walking techniques as well as easy ways to teach your dog a reliable recall cue.

Dogs must be non-reactive with others dogs (meaning that are not lunging, barking, snapping at others when on leash). Normal young dog exuberance is OK but if your dog is not able to redirect to you please ask us if our Reactive Rehab class may be more appropriate for you.

This class is open for dogs 4 months and up! So, if your dog is too old for PUPPY and too young for BASICS this is a great class to give them a jump start! This is also a good class for those dogs (and humans) who need a little “refresher.” INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA

For more dog training classes check out our Puppy Training and Seminars pages!

How do I sign up? See listings for the current schedule on the right side of this page! Not all classes are offered each season.

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