Have you mastered the Basics and are looking for something new and fun? We have a variety of classes and dog sports that fit the bill!

BEYOND THE BASICS: 5-week course for graduates of The Basics. This intermediate level class continues our work from The Basics by playing games and doing activities that incorporate distractions, proofing and chaining behaviors. We will also work on skills and cues for low-stress handling and grooming (the dreaded toe nail trims) as well as beginner Trick training!  This class does NOT focus primarily on CGC testing but we  will incorporate the skills needed for passing the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test during class and CGC evaluations are offered on the last week of class if the student desires to take it (price included in the class fee).

Prerequisite: The Basics at DDO or prior instructor approval (video evaluation may be required $25). Student should have a base understanding of the following skills in a space with other dogs present: Focus, Touch, Sit, Down, Leave It, Go to Mat/Place, Stay/Wait (short distance), Recall (short distance), Loose Leash Walking and handler using a clicker or other marker (verbal ok). No prong collars or leash corrections used. INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, Certified CGC Evaluator, CFFP, FDM

CANINE GOOD CITIZEN: CGC Testing Your dog can take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test at Dog’s Day Out on the last week of Beyond Basics. We are not currently doing any private CGC testing. For more info on the CGC test go to www.akc.org .

TRICKS!: All Levels (mixed). 5-week class for dogs who have completed THE BASICS (or equivalent class at another training center or have prior instructor approval- email us if you are not sure!).  It is helpful for the student to be familiar with using a clicker or other marker (verbal ok) but if not, your instructor can help you with this on week 1. This is a fun, relaxed class where creative thinking is encouraged.  We want your dog to problem solve and try new things!

Beginner tricksters will learn foundation skills to teach tricks using the techniques of luring (bow, spin, crawl) nose, paw and body targeting (play piano, push a ball, ride a skateboard), retrieving (get a tissue/beer/keys) and action (jump through a hoop, over a broom, roll over). More advanced students will continue to use their foundation skills (luring, targeting, retrieving, action) to work on more complex tricks by combining and chaining skills. You will have the freedom to pick specific tricks you would like to teach your dog and have instructor help to get you there!
INSTRUCTORS: Sugako Sasaki, CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT. AKC CGC/Tricks Evaluator or Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, CFFT, FDM, AKC CGC/Tricks Evaluator

Throughout the 5 weeks students will work on Tricks needed to attain the AKC Tricks Title so if Tricks class participants choose, they can take the AKC TRICK DOG TITLE testing on the last day of Tricks class!

TEENS & TWEENS JUMPSTART: 3 week course for pups 5-24 months
 In this course we will help you understand what is going on in that teenage brain, how best to communicate with your pup, and how to create an enthusiastic learner for the rest of her life. Each week we cover specific behaviors & skills: Week 1 – Attention and Relaxation, Week 2- Loose Leash Walking, Week 3 – Recall, Jumping Up and Greetings. This quick 3-week class is meant to give you some quick tips and jump start your management and training techniques for your adolescent dog. Background on management and how dogs learn is covered in the 75 minute recorded webinar “Behavior Basics – stuff you need to know!”  (included with this course) that you can watch anytime.
INSTRUCTORS: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, CFFT, FDM  and Cynthia Howell, CPDT-KA, CCS, FDM

CONTROL UNLEASHED: 5 week (50 min) course for dogs over 6 months old
Controlled Unleashed, based on the book by Leslie McDevitt, is all about teaching your dog how to handle distractions and help increase their confidence and focus. Your dog will learn how to relax, focus and reliably respond to you even when in highly distracting environments. You (human) will also learn behavior management strategies and how to regain the dog’s attention when your dog is distracted. This is a great class for a performance dog, agility dog, excitable dog, service  or therapy dog in training or anyone who wants to improve control of their dog in the public. INSTRUCTOR: Sugako Sasaki CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT. This class is NOT appropriate for Reactive Dogs. If your dog is showing the followings, you dog needs to attend Reactive ReDo instead:

  • Barking excessively or/and lunging when he sees the other dogs and cannot be redirected easily
  • Freezes and won’t eat treats when he sees the other dogs
  • Growling and pulling on a leash more intensely  when another dog approaches
  • Shaking, whining, pacing and trying to hide behind the owner when another dog approaches

CANINE HUSBANDRY & COOPERATIVE CARE: 5 week (50 min) for dogs over 6 months old
Unfortunately, sometimes we have to do things (baths, toenail trims, ear cleaning etc.) to our dogs that they may find aversive. Cooperative care training can make a huge difference in reducing your dog’s fear, anxiety and stress  during vet visits, grooming and in-home care. Step-by-step desensitization training will help increase cooperative skills in dogs. In this class, we will focus on strengthening the communication pathway, teaching skills such as a chin rest, muzzle training, body handling, ear cleaning, eye drop and injection administration and the dreaded nail trimming! This class is NOT appropriate for Reactive Dogs. If your dog is reactive (barking/ lunging etc. )when around other dogs, private lessons would be more suitable. INSTRUCTOR: Sugako Sasaki, CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT.

FUN-GILITY!: 5 week course (classes are 50 minutes).
LEVEL 1: Fun-gility is agility for everyone from puppies to senior dogs! This five-week class will introduce the obstacles including Jump, A-Frame, Dogwalk, Tunnel, Teeter, Weave Poles, and some basic handling. Fun-gility is a wonderful, confidence-building class, where dogs will get some exercise and have some fun.  It is also a great way to expand your dog’s thinking skills, balance capabilities, and ability to negotiate obstacles in a safe, confident manner. Many tricks taught in the class are not only fun, but also help engage your dog’s interest in fun activities. Dog’s must be non-reactive in an indoor group class setting. This class is NOT appropriate for Reactive Dogs.
Let’s continue the fun! This class is for the students who’ve already taken the Fun-agility Level 1. We will start working on different types of crosses, lead outs, and improving your handling skill to run longer and more challenging courses. You and your dogs will love this class. You’ll get the opportunity to do some fun exercises together each week! Dogs must be non-reactive in an indoor group class setting
Instructor: Keiko Swanberg, CPDT-KA. This class is NOT appropriate for Reactive Dogs.

TEEN PLAY GROUP: Single 2-hour play sessions for dogs 4.5 months -24 months of age. ALL DOGS 1 YEAR AND OLDER MUST BE SPAYED/NEUTERED. Drop off play group for dog-friendly adolescent dogs with a certified trainer monitoring. If you choose (and particularly if your dog is shy or nervous) you are allowed and encouraged to stay for all or part of the session. Sessions are limited to 6 dogs. Vaccination record and proof of spay (for dogs 1 year and older; no females in heat) must be emailed prior to session: Info@dogsdayoutseattle.com. Pre-registration required.


CANINE ENRICHMENT FOR SENIOR DOGS: 2-Hour workshop for dogs 7+years old
Just because they are older doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun! In this class, we focus on enrichment activities that work for your dog’s brain and body. The instructor will introduce easy and fun activities specifically for your senior pup. INSTRUCTOR: Sugako Sasaki, CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT. AKC CGC/Tricks Evaluator

Looking for some fun things to do with your dog but need ideas or don’t know just where to start? In this class, you can try a few on for size and see how you and your dog like them. In this workshop, you will get to try different enrichment games that you can do at home utilizing Creative Feeding,  Trick Training, Nosework and Agility principles.. Research (and anyone who has ever lived with a dog!) tells us our dogs need more than just physical exercise; they also need to exercise their brains! Enrichment improves and enhances your dog’s mental state using a range of activities that are designed to challenge and exercise their brains. These activities encourage your dog to problem solve, learn new skills and become more confident.  By allowing your dog to engage in her innate behaviors, such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing and scavenging, you allow her to be physically, emotionally and mentally satisfied. For this class, dogs must be non-reactive and friendly to both dogs and humans. INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, FDM, CFFP

TEENS & TWEENS: 2 hour class for dogs 4-12 months old + their humans
Is your teenager driving you crazy? In this 2-hour workshop we will help you understand what is going on in that teenage brain, how best to communicate with your pup, and how to create an enthusiastic learner for the rest of her life. We will cover typical teenage issues such as jumping up, mouthing, overeager greetings,  and stealing things! We will also work on relaxation exercises and discuss age-appropriate management and enrichment.  Adolescence can be rough – learn to work with your teen to get you both through this sometimes trying time. 4 dog limit.
INSTRUCTORS: These teen classes are taught by both Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA and Erica Wells, CPDT-KA with different, although not opposing curriculums. Want more practice? Register for both instructors courses! If you are looking for a particular instructor, they will be noted on the registration you choose.

LEASH WALKING/RECALL WORKSHOP: 2 hour class for dogs + their humans. Dogs must be 5 months and older.
In this 2 – hour class we will tackle two of the biggest issues people have with their dog – walking on a loose leash and getting their dog to come! We will discuss, demo and practice easy loose leash walking techniques as well as easy ways to teach your dog the oh-so-important reliable recall cue.

Dogs must be non-reactive with others dogs (meaning that are not lunging, barking, snapping at others when on leash). Normal young dog exuberance is OK but if your dog is not able to redirect to you please ask us if our Reactive ReDo class may be more appropriate for you.

INSTRUCTORS: This workshop taught by Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, Erica Wells, CPDT-KA and Cynthia Howell, CPDT-KA with different, although not opposing curriculums. Want more practice? Register for both instructors courses! If you are looking for a particular instructor, they will be noted on the registration you choose.

Listen up, music and trick lovers… just in time for the holidays, we are going to form a band to play a special song!
In this quick 1-hour, one-time workshop, your dog will learn an advanced Nose-Hand target skill to perform a song in the DDO canine holiday band! The instructor will edit a music video for you to share with the world (or at least your friends and family)! Requirements: Age 18 months and up. Your dog must not be reactive to dogs or humans. Your dog must not be sensitive to sound. INSTRUCTOR: Sugako Sasaki, CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT, FDM, CFFP

In this workshop, you will learn how to teach total 10 tricks! You can get evaluated by the AKC trick evaluator to get the Novice trick title by American Kennel Club! All dogs (18 month up) are welcome!  Requirements: Age 18 months and up. No leash reactive dog including dog-to-dog aggression. No dog with resource guarding, owner guarding or space guarding. INSTRUCTOR: Sugako Sasaki, CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT. AKC CGC/Tricks Evaluator

K9 Nosework: Please visit our K9 Nosework page for classes, course outline, and instructor information.

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