Have you mastered the Basics and are looking for something new and fun? We have a variety of classes and dog sports that fit the bill!

BEYOND THE BASICS/Canine Good Citizen Prep: 5-week course for graduates of The Basics

This class continues our work from The Basics by playing games and doing exercises that incorporate distractions, proofing, and chaining behaviors. We will also practice the skills needed for passing the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test . CGC evaluations are taken the last week of class (last class is extended; price included in the class fee).

Prerequisite: The Basics or prior instructor approval (private evaluation at a charge may be required). Student should be familiar with using a clicker or other marker (verbal ok).

This class is limited to 5 dogs in Ballard, 7 in GT. INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, Certified CGC Evaluator


Your dog can take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test at Dog’s Day Out. Testing fee is $25.

Pre-registration is required. For more info on the CGC test go to www.akc.org . We also offer a full CGC prep class, Beyond The Basics (see above). Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA, Certified CGC Evaluator

TRICKS!: Levels 1 & 2. 4-week class for dogs who have completed THE BASICS (or have prior instructor approval).  Student should be familiar with using a clicker or other marker (verbal ok).

This is a fun, relaxed class where DISobedience is encouraged! We want your dog to think and try new things.

In Level 1 you will learn foundation skills to teach tricks using the techniques of luring (bow, spin, crawl) nose, paw and body targeting (play piano, push a ball, ride a skateboard), retrieving (get a tissue/beer/keys) and action (jump through a hoop, over a broom, roll over).

Level 2 students will continue to use their foundation skills (luring, targeting, retrieving, action) to work on more complex tricks by combining and chaining skills. You will have the freedom to pick specific tricks you would like to teach your dog and have instructor help to get you there!

We will also discuss and demo games to play with your dog such as fetch, tug and using a flirt pole. Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA

If Tricks class participants choose, they can take the AKC TRICK DOG TITLE testing on the last day of Tricks class. The testing fee is $25 (additional AKC fees apply). You do not need to be part of the Tricks class to be tested but need to reserve a testing space to: Danette@dogsdayoutseattle.com

AGILITY FOR FUN: 4 week course

This is a FUN one! Learn to use agility equipment like weave poles, A-frame, see-saw, jumps and more! Dogs must have taken basic obedience classes to attend.  Experienced Agility dogs also welcome.

This class is outdoors; dress for it! Seasonal.

AGILITY DROP-IN: For intermediate and experienced

Prerequisite – Agility at Dog’s Day Out or Instructor approval. Preregistration directly through instructor: erica@dogsdayoutseattle.com

K9 SPORTS & FUN!: 3 hour seminar, introduction to K9 sports

Do you want to have more fun with your dog but don’t know what sport is for you? Maybe you think your dog could excel in ALL dog sports but just don’t know how to get started? Here, you get to test drive them all! In this 3 hour seminar you will be introduced to 3 different K9 sports: Agility, K9 Nosework and Tricks.

For this class, dogs must be non-reactive and friendly to both dogs and humans. Working dog spaces are limited, audit spaces available too.

INSTRUCTORS: Erica Wells, CNWI and Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA

K9 Nosework: Please visit our K9 Nosework page for classes, course outline, and instructor information.

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