BALLARD: 6733 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Burien, WA 98166

Our Training Philosophy:
Science-based training that is Cooperative, Effective and Fun! We practice force-free, fear-free training offering clients several different ways to work with their dogs all of which involve gentle, kind and fair techniques. We teach students using “mark & reward” training that can involve the use of a clicker, or a verbal marker if the client is not comfortable using a clicker. We do not use leash “corrections” and shock collars, choke chains and pinch/prong collars are never used. We strive to help humans understand how their dogs think and learn so that they can live peaceful, happy and fulfilling lives with their canine companions!

Our Day Care Philosophy:
Healthy, happy dogs need social interaction, stimulation (mental and physical) and guidance. Dog’s Day Out is a comprehensive training and day care facility providing training, exercise, safe socialization and specialized small day care with a strong emphasis on educating both the human, and the canine companion.

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Danette Johnston, Owner, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a Fear Free Certified Professional (FFCP) Trainer and has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) in the state of Washington. She has trained dogs (and people!) working in animal hospitals (Seattle Veterinary Associates) and shelters prior to opening dog’s day out in 2000. She has published articles on dog day care and dog-dog interactions for The Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She has lectured on dog behavior to Veterinary Technicians and students at the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians conference. Danette is a Licensed Canine Good Citizen evaluator for the the AKC and worked as a Delta Society Pet Partner’s (animal assisted therapy) Instructor and Team (with her dear departed dog Georgia). She is a Be a Tree presenter for Doggone Safe teaching bite prevention to school age children and is the creator/instructor of Barks & Babes, a specialized class for expecting parents on how to prepare their dog for the family’s upcoming human addition.  Danette started a Shelter Training Program in which she works with shelter and rescue groups educating staff and volunteers working to improve the lives of shelter animals and to innovate modern sheltering. Danette is passionate about learning and continuing education. She attends conferences, workshops and seminars on a regular basis to keep up on advances in canine science and behavior. She has attended seminars by: Karen Pryor, Jean Donaldson, Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, Susan Friedman, Chiraq Patel, Ken Ramirez, Victoria Stilwell, Pat Miller, Emily Larlham and Ken McCort among others.  She currently shares her home with Ernie, a brown tabby with many extra toes, Rufus, a Pittie/BorderCollie mix, one human teenager, and a very tolerant husband.

Erica Wells, CPDT-KA, CNWI, Day Care Manager, Nose Work & Teens Training
Erica is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer as well as a Certified Nose Work Instructor through the National Association of Canine Scent Work. She manages our day care, teaches Nose Work and Teens classes as well as private lessons. She   participates and competes in in both Agility, Nose Work and Truffle Hunting with her rescued Brittany Spaniel, Mimi and newest monster, Gator.

Cynthia Howell, CPDT-KA, CCS, Puppy Play & Train & Basics Instructor, Day Care Staff
Cyn is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer as well as an alumni of the NW School of Canine Studies where she graduated in the fall of 2018, earning her CCS designation. Along with rescue and volunteer work, Cyn has worked with dogs for over 15 years in a variety of capacities including day care, dog walking and health insurance. She lives with an angelic Pit Bull, a naughty French Bulldog and a little black cat.

Erin Clowes, Day Care Staff
Erin is a retired University of Washington lecturer who has been raising and breeding dogs for decades. She currently lives with Huckleberry, a 5 year old Labradoodle who you will often see accompanying Erin to DDO.

Elora Moeller, CPDT-KA, Day Care Staff, Trainer
Elora graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a dual bachelors degree in International Affairs and Spanish.   She is looking forward to a lifetime continuing education and rehabilitating animals of all kinds. Currently she has a senior pitbull rescue named Rhett, who occasionally joins her at daycare.

Michelle Reindal, CPDT-KA, Puppy Training Camp and Play & Train  Instructor
Michelle is a certified CPDT-KA dog trainer in the Seattle area. She offers private training and Sniffspot adventures through her business, The Paid Pup. Her training style is focused on meeting dogs’ innate needs with enrichment and play, and teaching them new behaviors with force-free, science based methods. She lives in Rainier Beach with her tiny Chihuahua, Mia.

Janelle “Elle” Dy, KPA-CTP, Puppy Training Camp and Play & Train Instructor
Elle is a certified dog trainer as an alumna of Karen Pryor Academy. She also as a background in TAG Teach (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance). Aside from her work at Dog’s Day Out, Elle owns and operates Poi Dog’s LLC, fosters dogs for Compass Point Rescue, and continues her education in training with a current focus on herding and puppy enrichment and socialization. Her free time is spent sharing bad puns with her husband and trying to keep up with her two Miniature Australian Shepherds Bear and Lahela.

Keiko Swanberg, CPDT-KA, Play & Train and Puppy Training Camp Instructor
Keiko is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a licensed AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator.  After working with many top professional trainers and being an assistant trainer for 7 years, Keiko left the corporate world and started her own business, Zen Dog Seattle. Keiko moved from Japan in 2000 and has been a long-time shelter/rescue volunteer and foster parent ever since. She shares her house with her husband, adopted dogs, cats, and often with foster animals from shelters.

Sugako Sasaki, CBT, RBT, Puppy Training Camp Instructor
Sugako’s background is Canine Behavior Analysis and Counseling and Animal Assisted Therapy. Sugako is a former certified behavior therapist (CBT) and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) for children with autism and worked closely with board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) to gain depth knowledge and experience of applied behavior analysis. She decided to become a full-time dog trainer to focus on dog’s behavior modification training and service dog training. Sugako is a team facilitator of Atlas Assistant Dog and a Fear Free certified professional trainer. She offers private sessions through her business, Happy Stretch Dog Training. She loves dogs and cats.