Erica Wells, CNWI and Mimi – K9 Nosework Demo


Nosework is an exciting sport you can practice anywhere! Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. For this class all your dog needs is a nose and something to work for.

In our K9 Nosework series we will introduce you to this new sport and literally watch your dog follow his nose to success! You will be amazed at how excited your dog is to search for his favorite toy, food and the three scents used in K9 Nosework competitions.

Courses are open to dogs of ALL ages and temperaments.

NOTE: When your dog is not working he must be able to be kept in your car.

5 week Nosework courses at DDO are for ALL Levels (Intro level can take this class too).
In this 5 week series we will cover why a dog’s nose is their greatest strength and how using it can help them gain confidence and mentally tire them out by channeling their inner hunter. This is a great class for ANY dog for fun, confidence building, and mental and physical stimulation. INSTRUCTORS: Erica Wells, CNWI & Annie Michelson, KPA

Once you’ve completed the ALL LEVELS class you may choose which direction you would like to go. You may start introducing the target odors we use in competition Birch, Anise and Clove and if interested, start competing (not required of course and just-for-fun is OK too!). You may want your dog to find something that smells like you, or house hold items like your keys or phone – almost anything you can think of goes in this fun class!

If you have prior Scentwork class experience with another instructor please contact

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For more information on the sport, read Erica’s guest post on K9 Nosework for Seattle DogSpot, or check out her bio in the About Us section.