Our daycare philosophy:
Healthy, happy dogs need social interaction, exercise and guidance. Dog’s Day Out is a comprehensive training and day care facility providing exercise, socialization and specialized day care with a strong emphasis on educating both the human, and the canine companion.

Your dog’s day!
dog’s day out provides a structured, but stimulating day for your dog. Day care hours are 7:00am – 6:30pm Monday through Friday.

We differ from many dog day care centers in three ways:

1. We are dedicated to remaining small (only 15 dogs allowed per day) to prevent potential problems related to too many dogs in one space, and so that all dogs are guaranteed individual attention. We may have a wait list for day care, but we are worth the wait! Also, we can often get you in on our “floating” space before a regular space opens up.

2. We maintain a strong focus on positive education, behavior and training. We are a training and behavior center with all staff members having extensive knowledge in canine behavior. Thus, we are able to avoid any problematic behaviors that could occur by recognizing them and stopping them before they escalate.

CLICK HERE to get to know your dog’s day out staff!

3. We’re pioneers! We have been in this business for over 10 years. We were the second facility to open in Seattle. We have experience and we continue with our passion for behavior, we continue to learn.

Each day at dog’s day out will include periods of supervised socialization, in which your dog will have the opportunity to make new canine friends and play, play play!

Because no one should be exercising 8-11 hrs per day (!), daily schedules will also include periods of quiet time and rest for each dog. Then, of course, there’s cookie time! Treats may given (but of course, they must be earned!)

It is extremely important to us that not only does your dog get sufficient exercise while here but also that he leaves us with his manners in tact! We run through basic commands throughout the day because we know a well-mannered dog is definitely more fun to live with.

For some extra “work” for your dog during the day check out our dog day training program!

Also, please take a look at the excellent article on dog day care written by Danette Johnston (the owner of dog’s day out) for the Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s journal. Day Care Good or Bad? for the article!

Day care clients can get more info and instructions here: Day Care Client Info

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