Do you want to have more fun with your dog but don’t know what sport is for you?
Maybe you think your dog could excel in ALL sports but just don’t know how to get started?
This seminar is for you!

We’ll spend 3 hours introducing you to 3 popular dog sports…


FUN-GILITY-this is an introduction to Agility for FUN with your dog. Let’s see if your dog likes to run, jump, climb and scramble through things. In the agility hour we’ll demonstrate some of what agility dogs do and give your dog a chance to try their paw out on the A-frame, tunnel and some jumps!

K9 NOSEWORK-this sport is based on the work of bomb, drug and other detection dogs so your dog gets to see what really using his nose is all about! He’ll search through boxes in this seminar for yummy treats or her favorite toy and we’ll tell you a bit about the sport of Nosework and how dogs learn to search for target odors.

TRICKS-in this portion of the seminar we will demo training roots for many tricks including luring (spin, bow, crawl, sit pretty…), targeting (push a ball, play piano, ride a skateboard…), retrieving (pick up a basket, find the remote, grab a tissue…) and action tricks (find it, jump, hide…)

INSTRUCTORS – Erica Wells, CNWI and Danette Johnston, CPDT

Saturday, August 10th

10:00am – 1:00pm

$50 (dog-human team),$25 (human only, audit)

 6733 15th Ave NW, Ballard WA 98117

Pre-registration required. Working spaces limited to 8 dogs.
For this seminar all dogs must be non-reactive and friendly with other dogs and humans.
If you need help with your reactive dog please check out our Difficult Dog class!

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