Dear Lennox,

I am so sorry about what has happened to you. My name is Rufus and I live in Seattle, WA in the USA with my family. I look a lot like you – stubby body, boxy head. But where I live it’s ok to look like I do. Yes, it seems like everyday (even here) I have to convince people (i.e. show them my good manners and cover them with kisses!) that I’m not a BAD dog. I know you were not a bad dog either. In fact, just like me, you lived with a family and had never bitten anyone or caused any trouble at all! But that didn’t matter. You were jailed and killed simply because of your looks. It’s hard for me to understand that. I can’t imagine being taken away from my family, thrown in a sawdust-floored, feces covered kennel as I, like you, am certainly used to a soft cushy bed at home.

My mom is a dog trainer and she works a lot with dogs that get into trouble and bite people. She told me that those biters come in all shapes and sizes. She has seen Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Soft Coated Wheaten and West Highland Terriers (you know, the cute little white ones?), Border Collies… her list goes on and on of dogs who were “dangerous.” She told me that any dog can bite if treated poorly and put in the wrong circumstance. It doesn’t matter if they have a boxy head like us or not. I know a lot of people are heartbroken about you and your family and we wish we could have done something to save you. Hopefully, I can set a good example for boxy-heads like us and change people’s feelings (and dumb laws!) about dogs like you and me.

Rest in peace, Lennox. We are all thinking about you and your family.

Love, your boxy-headed brother,


Rufus is a 2-3(ish) year old Pit Bull Type dog who was found as a stray and adopted by his current family at the end of 2011. He lives in the lap of luxury (ok, regular delicious meals, walks, playtime and various couches and chairs for lounging) with his family which consists of 2 adults, a five year old boy and 2 cats in Seattle, WA. He enjoys playing with other dogs and training at Dog’s Day Out, his mom’s dog day care/training facility. He also enjoys fetch and long walks anywhere.

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