Barks & Babes
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Remember when your dog was your only baby? Well, times have changed! Whether you are just planning or currently expecting, this class is for you.

Barks & Babes is a 90 minute class for HUMANS ONLY that helps prepare and guide expecting parents with the tools and knowledge they need to prepare their pup for the arrival of a new baby. This class is also great for grandparents or any other friends and family members who have a dog that will be spending time and interacting with the new baby.

Barks & Babes covers topics involved in the management of living with baby and dog while keeping all healthy and happy. Among other things, we will discuss:

• Dog Bite Prevention: The three most common scenarios leading to dog bites are when a dog is either sleeping, eating or cornered. We describe these scenarios (i.e.: what exactly does “cornered” mean?) and ways to prevent them.

• General Household Safety for Dog and Baby: We cover changes you may want to make to your home so that the actual physical areas of your home are conducive to good interactions. Scenarios may include: Where should you place the dog bed? Couch? Food bowls? Do you need a crate? Does your dog have a clear exit from a room if needed?

• Canine Body Language: We show in detail (lots of pictures!) how to assess your dog’s comfort by looking for specific body language cues. These include, but are not limited to: body stiffening, head turning, “whale eye,” lip licking, yawning, closed mouth and growling. What does it mean when your dog growls and how should you react if he does?

• Supervision: What exactly should you be supervising when told to “supervise your dog and child at all times”?

• Desensitization:What does desensitization (and counterconditioning) mean and how exactly do you do it?  How do you desensitize your dog to in order for him to be more comfortable when your baby arrives? How do you get your dog comfortable with all of the new sights and sounds surrounding a new baby?

• Specific Training Cues: Helpful cues to have in your dog’s repertoire when you have a dog and baby living together.

• Exercise – Mental & Physical: Easy ways to make sure your dog is getting walks and exercise when you have your baby in tow. Tips on dog walking techniques as well as ideas for mental stimulation you can provide for your dog right at home when getting out is just too hard!

• Health and Husbandry: Topics include transmissible diseases and parasites.

INSTRUCTOR: Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA and MOM! For more on Danette’s background please see her dog trainer bio.

Next Live Session: TBD.  Once you register, you will be given a Zoom invite to attend a few days prior to class.

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