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  1. Betsy Kincaid07-30-15

    Hi Danette-Happy and I took your basics class a year or so ago. I’m interested in having him be a pet therapy dog so would like to get him CGC certified. Thanks!

    • Danette Johnston07-31-15

      Great! I would love to have you and Happy in class. I have Beyond Basics/CGC Prep starting in Ballard on Sept. 12th and Georgetown Dec. 15th and now you can register online!

  2. Carolyn07-31-15

    Is this class sold out already? Online registration started yesterday, but it shows “no tickets available”.

    • Danette Johnston07-31-15

      Unfortunately, I can not see which class you are referring to…? Let me know!

      • Carolyn07-31-15

        Sorry – shows below the class, didn’t realize it shows below all of the classes.
        I am trying to register for “The Basics”, Saturdays in Ballard, starting Sept 12.

  3. Nilu Hampton12-28-15


    I was not able to find the details of the class start/end time on February 7th in Ballard. Could you please advise.

    Thank you,

    • Danette Johnston12-28-15


      K9 Nose Work that starts on February 7th runs at 11:30am on Sundays through March 13th. You can see the full schedule HERE.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.


  4. Patty Reid04-28-18

    I would like to know where the Ballard site is. I think I need one on one with McDuff my rat terrier mix, before I could attend classes that might help him socialize. Right now, he is reactive in the car. Sounds like Cujo a vicious dog in the movies. He barks at people on the street, even though they are not near the car.

    That triggers our Basset Beagle mix to start barking with her gruff loud voice. I think if I could teach McDuff that my husband and I are in control of the situation, it might help him behave in the car. It is not just when left in the car, it is during the drive to take me to work or any time he feels threatened (?) or just feels like carrying on.

    Thank you,
    Patty Reid
    206-241-6827 message home number
    206-263-9304 Work number, can leave a message also.

  5. Amy Bryan03-01-19

    Hello, it looks like K9 Nose Work Levels 1 & 2 series starting on April 16 is sold out. Do you keep a wait list, or do you know when your next series will begin?

    Thank you!

  6. Jessica Bergeron06-19-19

    Hi there, wondering if there’s a waitlist for nose work 1? Thanks!

  7. Ayana Sanchez06-26-19

    My dog is scared of new people and loud noises (cars, buses, trains, airplanes, etc.) She rarely barks but will instead try to run and hide when scared — Would the difficult dog course be the right course for helping her with her sensitivity to these things?

  8. Joanna Mendelsohn03-04-20

    I am interested in the intro to canine Nosework class and see it it sold out in April. Do you have awaiting list?

    Thank you!

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