Our private dog training programs specialize in behavior modification, problem solving and positive guidance for dogs of all ages. At Dog’s Day Out we help you train your dog with one-on-one guidance by using science based, positive reinforcement dog training methods that involve force-free and fear free techniques for your pup. Read more About Us here.

Private Dog Training or Behavioral Consultation is Ideal For:

  • People with fluctuating  or busy schedules who are having a hard time scheduling their dog into a group class.
  • People with reactive dogs or dogs with behavioral issues such as aggression towards people and/or other animals.
  • People whose dogs are “between” classes or missed getting into a specific group class such as Puppy Pounce or Reactive Dog.
  • People with dogs that have specific issues not normally covered in a group class.

Our Process
Because each dog is different, we take care to approach each private dog training session based on your dog’s temperament and what will work best for him and YOU. We begin each private session by taking a full behavioral history, evaluating the dog’s behavior and then create an appropriate training plan to cover the needs and expectations of the dog and human. The sessions will vary to suit your family, the dog’s temperament, environment and what you want and need from your dog.

Private dog training lessons and consultations are available on-site at our Burien location, $145/hour. Danette also currently has limited DDO Ballard availability on Saturdays only. Lesson are also available in your own home ($165/hour, areas below). We require 48 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling. No refunds or rescheduling (without additional payment) will be given within 48 hours of session appointment time.

In-home dog training areas include: West Seattle, South Park, White Center, Burien, Normandy Park, South Park, Beacon Hill, some areas of Columbia City. In home lesson rate is $165/hour (+parking fee if applicable) location dependent. Dependent on trainer’s schedule, some out-of-area lessons may be arranged for an additional fee. Both types (on-site and in-home) of one-on-one training will focus on the specific needs of your dog, ranging from management, basic skills and leash work all the way to more serious reactivity and aggression issues.

For the majority of behavioral issues,  INITIAL (NEW CLIENT) PRIVATE SESSIONS ARE VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS * After the 1st session, on-site (at DDO in Burien) or in-home (West Seattle/Southwest to Normandy Park).

Virtual Consultations  – from the comfort of your own home!

For the vast majority of behaviors your trainer does NOT need to see the problem behavior occurring. In fact, one of our issues with some non-positive trainers is that they often put (push) the dog in the situation that is causing the problem, which is often stemming from fear or discomfort. We do not need to stress your dog out, or put anyone in a dangerous situation, to work on a behavior.

Virtual consultations are IDEAL (and cost effective for you!) for initial consultations in which we gather a behavioral history and devise a training plan based on your family’s expectations and goals.

The process for a virtual consult is easy! Prior to the session, you will receive a questionnaire in order for your trainer to gain a behavioral history and to get a full picture of your dog’s life. You may be asked to send video if needed or, simply turn the camera on your dog to allow us to observe him during the session. You will also receive an emailed invoice and Zoom meeting link (easy to use!) prior to the scheduled lesson time.

Post session, you will receive an emailed training plan complete with written and/or video supplementation. Virtual consults are $120/hour, $60/30 min. Follow-up sessions $55/30 minutes, $100/hour. To schedule email: Danette@dogsdayoutseattle.com

Phone only consultations available for $2.00/minute up to 30 minutes.

New Dog/Puppy Selection Consultations are available for people planning to get a new dog. This session is held “pre-dog” and is designed to help you pick out the best dog for you and plan the initial stages once you bring your new dog home. In this 45 minute session we will go through a variety of questions to narrow down your search and/or help you set up your home in the best way for your family and your new dog. We will let you know what exactly to expect when bringing your new dog home both in terms of management and training. Danette is also available to evaluate specific dogs you may be interested in adopting.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and questions on areas served.

On-site and in-home rates for consultation and private dog training can be found on our rates and services tab.

How do I sign up? For more information, please contact us by phone 206-706-4875 or email Danette at danette@dogsdayoutseattle.com.